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Título :Project Buyer - Érd

Job Description :




  • Representing the purchasing department within product development teams with responsibility for the costs, quality and deadlines of purchased parts, i.e. among other things:
  • Active participation from the concept phase to the start of production (SOP)
  • Participation in the development process, coordination of Serial development work at suppliers
  • Implementation of target costing activities, e.g. ideas & concept competitions
  • Cost Down Projects: Participation in teams, coordination on the purchasing side
  • Introduction of the purchasing strategy into the development projects
  • Identification of potential savings and alternative solutions
  • Controls specialist departments within the framework of project management
  • Change management: Purchasing coordination before SOP
  • Preventive quality planning in the context of Serial development work
  • If necessary, implementation of a safe-launch in the procurement process
  • Project-related preventive quality planning for the release of parts
  • Support of global or platform projects (international coordination within the purchasing organization)
  • Mentor for new employees
  • Active participation in the context of modular strategies and development roadmaps
  • Recognition and driving of rational ideas
  • Sponsor within the purchasing organization for assembly systems




  • Study of economic engineering or technical studies with additional qualification in business administration
  • Several years of experience in a purchasing or development department desirable (min. 4 years)
  • International project experience
  • Analytical and strategic thinking and organizational skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • High level of goal and result orientation
  • Team spirit
  • Fluent in English and possibly another foreign language
  • Worldwide readiness to travel