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Título :Quality controller

Job Description :

Quality controller

Jobs in Hamburg/ Germany!

Become a Quality Controller at Airbus!

Airbus is a well-known, world-leading airframe manufacturing company in Europe, that produces aircraft for civil and military purposes.



-Inspection of aircraft parts and products - visual inspection, end control, measurements)

-Monitoring quality control and sorting


-The inspector\'s task may include, but not limited to, verification of dimensions, work performance, compliance with documented requirements and acceptance of completed tasks.


-Verifies the appropriate standards, processes, procedures, and tools throughout production and testing activities.

-Verifies that manufacturing and test standards are met.

-Ability to work independently but follow specific detailed instructions

- One year of relevant experience in quality field is mandatory

-Must have the ability to communicate English OR German, both verbally and written

What we offer:

- Starting salary gr. 12 € per hour, which increases after the training period (min. net € 1330 depending on marital status)

- 10-week compulsory (AIRBUS) quality training + three exams

- excellent working conditions

- shift allowance

- accommodation allowance (up to 500EUR / month / person), support for search, legal and administrative support through our German parent company