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Título :Development Engineer - Érd

Job Description :

Our client offers:

  • German headquarter and hungarian subsidiaries in Érd
  • Portfolio: power electronics, frequency and solar inverters and energy storage systems
  • Place of work: Érd, but the training is in Germany
  • Hungarian work contract


  • Design and implementation (C, C ++) of control procedures for power electronic systems (inverters, converters and rectifiers)
  • Simulation and testing of developed control procedures
  • Ensuring maintainability, testability and expandability of the software and control procedures


  • Electrical engineer (or similar), technical informatics several years of experience in control engineering of power electronic systems
  • Experience in dealing with Matlab / Simulink / Simscape
  • Experience with software development (C, C ++) in embedded systems
  • Ideally experience in the development of network-controlled and Network-forming converter systems
  • Dealing with Matlab / Simulink, Simscape and / or LTSpice
  • High communication and team skills
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Resilience